a few words about us

Our history began in February 1987 when we started our business with the exclusive distribution of Filofax in Greece. Filofax was established as the synonym of organisers and up to date has accompanied thousands of loyal users.

Two years later we made our second step with the distribution of the classic Letts of London legacy diaries, which were loved and with their quality and the timelessness of their designs became the yearly companion of a loyal audience.

Then, under the umbrella of our companies, we enriched our partnerships with international brands. With a view to quality, utility and aesthetics, we developed our activities in the wider area of bookshops, gift shops, leather good shops, concept stores, shops in selected hotels and fashion stores.

Our long-term partnerships which involve exclusive distributions and/or agencies for the markets of Greece and Cyprus, are complemented by the brands:

  •  Secrid, the Dutch company with the unprecedented growth, stands out with its unique leather wallets, which are stylish accessories that protect your cards from data theft at the same time.
  • Orbitkey, the Australian company with a completely fresh idea about a way of clever organisation for better living. A completely new way of organising keys and everyday life. Wonderful and unique key organisers, accessories, straps, clips, and desk-mats are included in the collection.
  • La Boucle, the brand from Belgium with the amazing belt collection. The revolution on the old industry of belts which was often considered as a complicated category for retailers. A technical stretch product with Vegetable Italian tanned leather from Tuscany with double stitching in an eye catchy fantastic pallet of colours.
  • Lexon, the French brand, since its creation in 1991 has relentlessly pushed the limits and created a difference in the world of design. Lexon has established a special relationship with creativity by offering timeless collections of lifestyle products.
  • Charly Therapy, the eyewear company from Barcelona with the design style models for women and men. A unique collection with revolutionized shapes, colors, and textures to realize our vision of the perfect eyewear.

  • Βοmbata, the Italian company with handbags and backpacks for laptops and tablets, as well as professional bags that stand out for their special aesthetics as well as the incomparable Italian style.

  • Monteverde, the U.S. pen company with, fountain pens and a huge collection of pens and pen refills for most rollerball and pens of the market.

Our dedication ensures the quality of the services we offer which is one of our main goals. We are always in constant search of innovative products which will organize our everyday life and make us more productive.

how it all started

In Greece the Filofax first presence started somehow like this:

Back in 1986, there was a Greek student in Reading University who very much liked having his personal items and notes in order. As he was for a long weekend in Paris, he met a very close friend of him and had a nice chat in which the friend asked the student to bring with him in Greece, when coming back for the Christmas time, a Filofax diary because he could not find this refill in the Greek market.  

It was the first time that the student was hearing the word Filofax. When flying back to London, he was looking at the British Airways magazine and there was one article making a story about Filofax organisers and how useful they were for the everyday personal organisation. This was the second time he was meeting the word ‘Filofax’.

After a week staying in Reading, he decided to go to London for some things he had to do and by the way he remembered that he should buy that Filofax diary for his Greek friend. He went to Harrods and there it was the first time he saw all the Filofax collection in a wonderful, luxury and elegant stand which was full of visitors and customers waiting in the queue to buy something from the super wide range. He stayed for a while around, looked at the products and tried to understand how the whole system works. He was really impressed!

He bought the specific diary his friend wanted and as the Filofax wallets were considerably expensive at that time, he left without any further purchase for his own. After one week in Reading, this product was always in his mind. He had already become a fan of the brand. He couldn’t resist long more so he returned to Harrod’s and bought his first leather Filofax. A fantastic black full leather Winchester (4CLF 7/8 was the item code). Probably the best purchase he had ever done.

So happy that for the next couple of days he didn’t sleep at night trying to organize his new Filofax in every detail.

After he was done with that project, obviously he had it with him every day, all the time, in and out of the university. Following that and two weeks after, he suddenly noticed that all his friends, inspired by him, had gone and bought their own Filofax.

Having realized that, the student searched for the headquarter address of the Filofax brand – at that time there weren’t any search machines- and found out that it was in Ilford.

Without any appointment and without any telephone call, in a rainy (as usual) morning, he put his suit and his tie on, took an umbrella, went to the Reading train station and headed to Ilford.

When entered the Flofax headquarters, he went to the reception girl and said that he wanted to meet the export manager. Following the question mark in her eyes, he said that he wanted to discuss about the exclusive distribution of the Greek territory.

A faint smile and the continuing question mark on the face of the girl was not possible to make our friend quitting what he had in mind at that moment.

The rest is history.