οur beliefs and values

Our 35+ years of presence in the market, in a wide variety of different types of stores, from bookstores and gift shops to concept and fashion stores, has given us valuable experience and knowledge of the markets of Greece and Cyprus.

This experience has given us the necessary knowledge which helped us move safely and wisely in order to make the right moves throughout the course of ups and downs, challenges and various financial crises over the years.

In a corresponding way, all these years we have managed to create stable and long-term partnerships both with our suppliers and with our customers who honor us consistently. It is a great pleasure for all of us at IRCO to be privileged to say that our business relationships are mostly considered friendships and partnerships rather than strict business relationships.

We are proud that with our consistency and respect in what we do, we have earned the absolute trust of both our suppliers and our partners/customers.

Obviously, this is not an easy thing – in fact we consider it the most difficult thing and the biggest capital for a company – and we could not have the pleasure of seeing this tangible reward without the hard work, consistency, and efficiency of all our team.

As a result of all the above, in addition to the unique international brands that surround us with their trust for decades, we are proud to have succeeded in working with many of the best and most well-known stores in the Greek and Cypriot markets.

A simple look at the range of brands we represent clearly shows our focus on quality, design, continuous development and aiming to better organise our lives.

We continue and make every effort to constantly enrich the collection of brands we represent and that’s why we keep our eyes open, and our antennas alert for new ideas and products, always keeping as a priority our values that guide us throughout this long course of ours.