the brands we have the honor to represent

filofax organisers

What can someone tell about Filofax? A brand which name’s became a title and a whole theme of a movie!

When we say Filofax today everyone’s mind goes to the product which gave its name to a whole product category. Synonymous to the better life organizing, each reference to the name Filofax means notebook, calendar, to do, address book, planner, map, recipe book, and a lot more, all in one!

Many people around the world, from businessmen to housewives and from officers to university students would not leave their house without having their Filofax in the pocket, in the bag, in the briefcase or in the hand.

secrid wallets

The Dutch company with the unprecedented growth, stands out with its unique pocket-sized leather wallets, which are stylish and protect your cards from data theft while keeping them organized.

Secrid says “a better world starts in your pocket”!

Based on the strong belief that environment and values are of the first priorities in life, SECRID creates unique products aiming at the continuous improvement of quality and functionality.

orbitkey key organisers

The Australian brand with unique fresh ideas and innovative products designed to organise our lives.

Key Organisers, Thoughtful Accessories, Key Rings, Desk Organisers, Desk Mats, all in totally new ideas and designs than what we knew until today. 

Products that are meant to help us organise our time for a better living.

la boucle belts

The Belgian brand with the unique and colourful belt collection for men, women and children. 

One size for all and a stunning design is what you need from your belt. 

A technical stretch product which will be your best companion. Once you change your belt colour, your whole outfit has changed.

lexon design

With 30 years of existence, more than 180 design awards, fruitful collaborations, a presence in 90 countries and more than 6,000 points of sale, Lexon has established itself design brand known worldwide.

Its timeless collections of objects and luggages, designed for the home, office, travel or urban nomadism, combine a strong identity with simplicity of use, bringing an aesthetic pleasure to everyday life.

charly therapy sunglasses

The sunglasses brand from Barcelona which presents a wide variety of glasses with iconic designs of fashion.

With an amazing collection of designs in different style categories to help you find the perfect one for you!

In the collection, you can find small face sunglasses, oversize sunglasses, round sunglasses, hexagonal sunglasses and many other styles plus very popular designs of screen glasses.

letts diaries & notebooks

In 1812 John Letts invented the world’s first commercial calendar and laid the foundation for the legendary ‘Letts of London’ brand.

Letts of London currently sells thousands of calendars through an amazing variety of different types of calendars in many languages around the world.

In Greece our company is proud to represent Letts of London since 1989. There are editions of Greek calendars that remain the same for years and have created loyal fans and loyal customers who organize their daily life in a Letts of London diary

bombata bags

A unique collection of stylish and colourful laptop bags, tablet bags, briefcases, backpacks and accessories for everyday use. 

Bombata’s signature curved design is unique and comes from Italy.

All Bombata’ s products combine functionality and a modern style and are so special that there is no way to confuse them with other bags.

Designed to be all day with you and help you having your laptop protected from everyday bumps and all your accessories in order and well organised.

monteverde pens

Monteverde, the brand from USA since 1999, creates fine writing instruments with elegance, innovation and color.

An amazing collection of writing instruments and a really unique and large variety of ink types in many different colors, available in ballpoint, and rollerball refills, fountain pen inks and cartridges.